Aliens: A Conceptual Analysis

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For aliens to understand sex, they first need to understand that humans are a social species and that the sexual experience is defined differently depending on what culture they visit. It would be difficult to define sex without them seeing how many different cultures approach the act. “The appropriateness or inappropriateness of a particular sexual behavior depends on the culture in which it occur” (Hyde Hyde and DeLamater,2014). Aliens would have to understand that factors such as religion, family, economy, laws, and cultural norms regulate a human’s sexual life. Sex will always happen in our species and will continuously happen because there is a biological drive to have sex. Humans use sexual intercourse for reproduction. If aliens came to America, they would see a culture that engages in sexual activity with a mate whom we love or feel…show more content…
Intercourse can be used purely for reproduction purposes, while other mate with a person that they love. If intercourse is being used for reproduction or for pleasure between a man and a woman, a man would put his penis into the women’s vagina (I would probably show them with diagrams at this point rather than try to explain it to them). People can mate with those who they cannot biologically have a child with (for example two biological males and two biological females). Although this union would not produce children, humans can engage in intercourse and sexual activity and it is as emotional bonding as if the act was done for reproduction. The act of sex can be intercourse, but it can also be any other sexual activity that may or may not bring one or both of the partners to orgasm (Healthy Sexual Functions, 2015). In more progressive sexual cultures, “sex is not a goal oriented activity” (unless someone is trying to get pregnant) because people use it for relaxation and fun as well

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