Jaws: The Negative Reputation Of Bull Sharks

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Many people when they hear the word shark, think about the movie Jaws and have a negative mindset. The initial thoughts that come to mind when thinking about Bull sharks are that they are aggressive, strong, and powerful. Bull shark, compared to other sharks, are shorter in length when they are full grown but have a large, stocky girth. Amongst few other species of sharks, they can live in fresh or salt water. Bull sharks feed upon anything that they can sink there teeth in that has a pulse, but most often feed on fish such as Bonito. Before conducting research, I believe Bull sharks are very dangerous and will attack humans when they are unprovoked. I think that Bull sharks are the most dangerous sharks and have a bad reputation of attacking humans. I have had many first hand encounters with Bull sharks, and the most…show more content…
While in the Bahamas, I had two close encounters with Bull sharks that have shaped the negative mindset I have of them. I was spear fishing with a friend off of a reef named Green Turtle Cay. After spearing one Snapper, we were swimming along looking for more and I grabbed my friend’s leg. I pointed to a Reef shark that was about 30 feet away from us, but we kept looking for more snapper because it was only one shark. About 5 minutes later, I grabbed my friend’s leg again and pointed to the shark again because he had circled around us; however, we continued to look for more fish to spear. Five minutes later, I grabbed my friend’s leg and we watched 2 Bull sharks, a Reef shark and a Nurse Shark swim across the reef. We decided it was time to leave so we started slowly swimming back to the boat while stopping every ten feet to check our surroundings. The Bull sharks were following us back to the boat. When we got back, I hurried into the boat, my friend following. Just as he got in the boat, one of the Bull

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