Personal Narrative: Tom's Cabin

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It started Monday night about 10:45. We were all in our bunks, all very tired from the activities earlier today. The lights were all off, and everyone was laying down, but everyone was awake. There was a tension in the air. It was the first night, after all. People were homesick. It was understandable. There was pure silence for a while. I could not have told you how long it was. It might have been five minutes, it might have been an hour. And then it happened. It hit the roof like a giant fist, smashing the silence in the cabin into a thousand pieces. It was rain. We were oohing and awwing, getting out of bed to look through the windows, to find nothing but blackness. It was surreal. The next day, everything was soaked. The drying rack outside, our shoes, everything. It was hard to differentiate between the sweat and the rain. We were…show more content…
For example. tics. Kids thought it would be funny to shake the tree branches after a storm, and in turn unleashing a disgusting mix of water and bugs. Luckily, I did not get any on me, but other kids in the same cabin did. Because there was nothing to do in the cabins, it meant that we had to go outside, even if it was downpouring. This, of course, made us wet, sad group of angry kids. We were hungry and ready for a change of clothes. The drying wire outside was pretty much useless because it didn’t have any cover from the weather, so you had to use your bunks. The cold, rusty bunks with peeling red paint. It was hard to explain to my mother why my towel looked like someone had been stabbed on top of it. By about Thursday I felt immune to rain. It was almost as if I had hit a button in my brain-- I no longer tensed up when a drop hit me, I just dealt with it. I noticed this with other kids, too. There were no longer shrieks when the rain hit our heads, it was almost normal. I started to feel more comfortable there; it started to feel like a second
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