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Throughout development humans acquire motor, social, and cognitive skills. From the video titled “Lots of Babies”, it can be observed that most of the children shown in the video are working on developing their gross motor skills that are uncoordinated at first, but then will develop into more refined movements. Through the development of gross motor skills, the child will go through different periods in which she/he learns to get around their environment using their body. For the first months of the infant’s life, they are learning how to control their posture and mobility. There is a particular example of this when an infant girl is first lying on her back with her face facing up. While the infant is on her back, she tries to reach for her…show more content…
At approximately 0:58 the infant begins to play with the small toy and tries to place the elephant toy in her mouth. In the early stages of development a child may place objects in their mouth as a way of learning and stimulating their brain. As the child observes her environment, she then turns on her stomach slowly at 1:13. While the infant turns to her stomach she struggles, but then achieves it. She holds her head up as she observes her surroundings at 1:27. The uncoordinated movements of the infant girl are due to the fact that she is still learning to control her body movements. As children gain muscle control in their body movements, new skills develop, such as crawling, walking, and ultimately…show more content…
In the clip, the examiner is teaching Roxanne the concept of space. The examiner uses small round chips and lines them in two different rows. The examiner lines both rows identical in length at 0:09 and then asks Roxanne which row has more. Roxanne automatically assumes they both have the same number of chips because of the rows’ identical length. At 0:14, the examiner spreads the same number of chips, but Roxanne assumes the longer row suddenly has more chips. The examiner then repeats the same process with fewer chips at 0:25-0:50 to see if she would produce the same response as the first time. Roxanne is learning how to problem solve even though she does not comprehend that the rows have the same number of chips with space added between them. Because of her developing logic, Roxanne is learning about space and quantity from this particular

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