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The 1979 film Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, was intended to be a sci-fi horror film focused on creating the most realistic and terrifying creature possible in attempts to truly give the audience a realistic, nonetheless hair-raising experience they would never be able to forget. Ridley Scott was approached to direct the film due to the the deep admiration the script owners had for his debut film The Duellists (“Alien (Film).” Wikipedia). Deeply devoted to the film, Scott found inspiration from various sources including other sci-fi films, horror films, and even pieces of art, finding the main influence for their alien in a painting by H. R. Giger (“Alien (Film).” Wikipedia). Centered around the idea of extraterrestrial lifeforms, Alien explores the idea of the “perfect organism,” while weaving in elements of…show more content…
The crew consists of members Dallas (Tom Skerritt), the captain of the ship; Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), Lambert (Veronica Cartwright), Kane (John Hurt), Ash (Ian Holm), and two engineers Brett (Harry Dean Stanton) and Parker (Yaphet Kotto). Woken from their frozen states by the onboard computer “MOTHER”, the crew is meant to investigate a life form detected nearby. A common theme running throughout the film is Ripley’s need to follow the rules and procedures set forth for them by “the company.” While other crew members suggested they should simply return to their frozen slumber and overlook the potential alien life form, Ripley was insistent that they were required to do so by “the company.” The action beings well into the film. After arguing whether to investigate the life form, a small team is sent out onto the planet’s surface. The team returns in disarray with one of the members, Kane, has been attacked by the life form. The alien has seemingly attached itself to the man’s face. Adhering to protocol, Ripley refuses to let them in as a 24 hour quarantine is generally required. However, Ash, who is

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