Air Freight Industry Analysis

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Air Freight Industry Air freight industry can be defined as the movement of freight, mail and excess baggage using the air transport according to the rules and regulations of CAA and IATA. It is an important component of logistics business. Air cargo plays a very important role now a days. Whether it is an express shipments, cargo carried in the belly of passenger aircraft, cargo aircrafts delivering cargo on high volume or chartered flights providing needed supplies on special service schedules the air cargo industry plays a major role in economic development. Air freight represents small percentage of world trade which is less than 10 percent. Air cargo is designed to provide high value or time sensitive products. For example, the express…show more content…
Integrators Airline market their freight services from airport to airport but Integrators market their logistics solutions directly to shipper offering with logistical chain to provide door to door service. Integrator is defined as transport service provider who transports chains that provides door-to-door services to its customers. They often have their own trucking and aircraft fleet and provide all the handling services themselves. There are four major air freight integrators in the world today—FedEx, UPS, TNT, and DHL .The largest airfreight carriers are the integrated carriers FedEx and UPS. The other major integrators include DHL and TNT, but they have small fleet as compared to FedEx and UPS. Integrators also take the services on the above mentioned all cargo airlines and other combination carriers to meet their additional cargo capacity to serve their global networks. These integrators also own and operate road transport, but again they have to depend on third parties to meet the capacity needed for their global…show more content…
Their networks were initially established in North America and Europe, then extended to East Asia and more recently to the Middle East. The integrators specialize in carrying express freight. During the past few years, integrators have moved towards carrying heavier freight as well. Current Trends In Air Freight Industry There is a growth in the economies of the Asian Markets. The emerging countries are China and India. There is very rapid growth in their economies due to which there is a boom in the industrial sector in this area. The main supply of good to other parts of world is being carried out through China and India. All global companies are currently operating from China and India. So to support their operations they need the global logistics company which can meet their requirements. As these companies have relocated their business due to low labor cost in these countries they need to transport these good to other parts of the world. A fast growing cargo market exits in Asia. The main requirements of this market are as follows • Mail, Parcel and

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