Agriculture In Pakistan Case Study

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Agriculture During that time, 65% of revenue of undivided Pakistan came from agricultural sector. During the liberation war, 1 crore of of the pollution went to India for refuge, and another 2 crore becomes displaced and homeless to save their lives. As a result the agricultural sector fell into severe severe ruins. Financially this lose in agricultural sector was estimated to be approximately 379 crore and 5 lakh Taka. Additionally, there were also related material damage of approximately 84 crore and 19 lakh Taka. To increase the food crops production prior of March of 1971, in hope of achieving self-sustained agricultural sector. The government decide to improve cultivation process with advanced (mechanical) methods. A foreign currency budget equivalent of 62 crore 90 lakh Taka was decided for this cause. Which, later was spent for buying instruments listed below. Instrument Ammount Price ( BDT 10 Lakh per unit) 1. Water pumps…show more content…
The government looked favorably upon it and aware that it was a collective effort of the political party leaders and members. Education During the liberation war, school, college, university and educational institutes were exclusive targets of the sheer destruction that the Pakistan Army brought. Educational institutes suffered extensive structural damage and loss of equipments. According to a survey 21 thousand 830 educational institutes were damaged during the war. Government decided on a budget of 29 crore 67 lakh to quickly reestablish the education sector. Besides, an additional budget was set to repaid the wartime damages suffered by the educational institutes.

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