African American Cultural Reflection

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The cultural group that i choose for my individual reflective journal is African American. I think i have a cultural biases of racism to them and this make me do not or hate to interact with them. The objective of this individual project is to let me know more about the African American and try to change my view and the communication with them. How do i treat on the African American? First, I may think they are dirty because of their skin color. I think black color represent dirty. I will think that they do not like to cleat themselves or they just have shower once a week. So I will afraid interact with them because I have a little bit cleanliness. Second, I think they are very lazy and no education. In the village that I live, I always can…show more content…
He living in my village and we are neighbor. He is an African American. His name is Christopher. I asked him how they treat on Hong Kong people. He said that Hong Kong people are very hardworking and bear hardships. He said he appreciated Hong Kong people can woke up early and went to work every day. I asked them why he did not go to work. He said they used to it because of their culture. Then I asked him why always black people are violence and commit crime. He complained about it and explained just a few people of them are violence. Most of them are very nice and kindness. He said people always have prejudice of them because the film always figure them studiously as the criminal. He said people who robbed just wanted to have a better life because they were poor and did not get into a high salary job as they did not have high educational. And other important reason is that people have large prejudice of them and always treat them as bad guy so they can not have chance to be treated fairly on…show more content…
It is the ability to react the new and ambiguous situations with little visible discomfort. When get along with the people from other different cultural group, i think i should have more patience. For example, when interacting with the people from other cultural group, there may have some misunderstanding between i and other people and i know we are not in same group. If they do not understand me or i can not understand them, it is just the normal thing. Maybe i do not have the common language with other, but if i just spend more time and more patient to try to understand them, it can improve our

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