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Liam appears to use challenging behaviors to seek teacher’s attention. When the teacher prohibits him from the behavior, he laughs, illustrating that he enjoys it. Although Liam loves free play time, he disrupts everyone most of the time. For example, when everyone is occupied with a particular task, he suddenly disrupts his friends and the class by snatching toys. Also, when he is asked to do something, he does the opposite of the rules implemented by the teacher. For instance, when the teacher required him to tidy up the toys since it was his responsibility, he began to take more toys out. Hence, the consequence was that the teacher informed him he had no choice, he must tidy up whether now or later. Besides, often when Liam wants to obtain…show more content…
Since Liam is interested in Lego toys, the teacher should provide more of those so that just like other children, he is busy with his gadget construction. Since the toys he likes are not adequate, he snatches from others and feels good about it when the teacher comes to scold him or stop him. He laughs when asked to stop. Also, when Liam doesn’t wait for his turn, I think it’s because he’s bored standing in the queue when other children are choosing their books. I would engage them with my questions in discussions such as “hmm... What book are you guys going to choose? This will support in Liam forgetting about running to the front of the line. In addition, when Liam comes to school the first thing he looks at is the toys to see whether or not his friends have taken what he likes. The teacher may stop by him and tell him, you arrived late so your friend took it, tomorrow if you arrive early you may take it first. The teacher may also use timers with certain toys, for instance each toy can be used for 10 minutes only and then passed on. Hopefully Liam will look at timer when he comes to school and then wait for his…show more content…
Maybe he has his own reasons for which the teacher is not aware of. Additionally, praise is very powerful. When Liam uses words to ask for the object he wants, I will praise him descriptively to reinforce his behavior, for instance, “did you see the smile on A’s face, he likes that you asked him before taking it ”. Additionally, if Liam persists his behavior, the teacher may do the behavior he does to other children to let him realize it doesn’t feel good to grab someone’s things before asking. For example, B can pretend to grab Liam’s toy without asking. Also, I will remind Liam that if I see such behavior again, he will not continue to play or be in class, rather he will be sent to the quiet room. Usually, in class, the teacher doesn’t give much serious attention to improving Liam’s behaviors, rather she’s shouting at Liam. Shouting isn’t helping him, it is worsening his behavior because, in the end, he gets his desired object which should be stopped because his behavior is

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