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The Harlem Renaissance was the name which was given to the social, cultural and artistic explosion that occurred in Harlem between the 1920s and the middle of the 1930s. As at this period, Harlem became a cultural center, and consequently it drew many artists, scholars, poets, musicians and writers who were all from the black origin. It is notable that many of these artists were fleeing from the hardships of the South where they had been oppressed continually for many years. Thus to many of these artists, Harlem presented an opportunity where they could freely express their talents. The Harlem Renaissance was not dominated by any specific schools of thoughts but was rather characterized by intense debate. It is thus credited for having laid the foundation for all the African American literature that was written in the later years. Consequently, the Renaissance was more than a literary drive and involved racial pride, which was partly facilitated by the…show more content…
Subsequently the Renaissance integrated jazz and the blues, which had the effect of appealing whites to attend organized events at Harlem, where mixed-race couples danced (Bloom, pg. 161). Subsequently it incorporated African American drama, fiction, visual arts, and poetry. However, the Renaissance had a very minimal influence on breaking down Jim Crow barriers which separated the white and black American (Huggins pg. 137). Although the Renaissance was not restrained to Harlem District in New York City, it engrossed a remarkable attention of intellect and talent and served as the representational capital of this cultural awakening. The Harlem Renaissance facilitated to a certain extent the relaxation of racial attitudes amongst the whites, and its greatest achievement lay in the reinforcement of race pride among

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