Rappler Business Model Essay

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In your understanding of the case, describe the business model of Rappler. Rappler is purely a click company with very little brick presence in the real world, unlike traditional and news outfits like ABS-CBN and GMA. A business model is a description of how your business operate and make money. It is a detailed business plan a company use to reach the target. Alexander Osterwalder, co-author of the book Business Model Generation, defines a business model as “a description of the value a company offers to one or several segments of customers and of architecture of the firm and the network of partners for crediting, marketing, and delivering this value and relationship capital, to generate profitable and sustainable revenue streams.”…show more content…
The Magazine can even claim that their magazine is read by all marketing managers in Singapore, which is true because it Is given for free. The magazine relies heavily on advertising and events hosted among the companies they considered as “partners.” Rappler’s nature is considered as a technology company. It’s because it has built its own infrastructure to process and manage their content. Rappler also has a mood meter and their own data science operation. Rappler’s articles are organic; they also have an editorial freedom. Which really makes them unique. In fact, accessing their website, what’s embedded in Rappler’s DNA is the supremacy of editorial independence. Rappler do accept advertising which they consider as partners; partners such as Globe Telecom and Pantene. Their approach to advertising is also through advertorial as opposed to the usual news companies. Source: Rappler

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