Advantages Of Solar Air Heater

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Solar air heater is a device that heats air by utilizing solar energy from the sun. Its wide range of applications involves drying of agricultural products, such as seeds, fruits, vegetables and space heating. As solar air heaters involve the utilization of solar irradiance which are cheaply available one, researches are going on to create systems with higher efficiency of conversion. The current trend of increasing cost of fossil fuels have encouraged many industries like food processing industries to look for cheaper ways of drying and space heating. These have encouraged creating systems which have higher efficiency of conversion of solar energy into useful form of energy. Solar energy is inherently time dependent source of energy. In order…show more content…
The enhancement of thermal performance have been studied mainly by varying the absorber plate design, materials used and type of glazing used. Several studies reported on solar air heaters with varied absorber designs [5, 6]. The heat transfer from absorber plate to air is varied either by adding fins or by using obstacles. The studies on solar air heater using surface mounted obstacles have shown an appreciable increase in the thermo-hydraulic performance. The studies reveal that the solar air heater with delta mount obstacles on absorber plate have superior thermo-hydraulic performance [8]. The performance study of absorber plate with rectangular finned array under natural convection has been done by M. Fakoor Pakdaman, A. Lashkari, H. Basirat Tabrizi and R. Hosseini [9]. The studies shows enhanced heat transfer due to application of rectangular longitudinal array due to increased surface area and missing effect introduced by these elements. Similarly the works have been done by using different absorber materials. In the studies conducted by Abhishek Saxena, Nitin Agarwal and Ghansyham Srivastava [2], granular carbon was introduced as a long-term absorbing media and thermal performance was carried out at four different…show more content…
Gill, Sukhmeet Singh and Parm Pal [10] compared the performance of single-glazed and double-glazed solar air heater in both summer and winter seasons. The former found to have a better thermal efficiency in summer while latter showed a better performance in winter for all flow rates. Similar work presented by Deniz Alta, Emin Bilgili, C. Ertekin and Osman Yaldiz [14] took into account, the effect of fins as well as glazing where they compared with single-glazed, single-glazed with fins and double-glazed with fins. The heaters with double glass cover and fins were found effective on the basis of energy and exergy

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