Bangkok Bank Tragedy

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Bangkok Bank was the largest commercial bank in Thailand. Full commercial banking services, including arranging syndicated loans, debt securities underwriting, trade finance, project finance, custodial services, SME and merchant services and specialist advice was offered by Bangkok Bank. The line graph shows some element in financial analysis that I get from the bank scope, the element that I choose is net income, total asset, total liabilities, total equity and net interest revenue. From the graph we can see clearly the decreases and increases happened in all that element. Firstly is about the total asset of Bangkok Bank, as we know asset has being divided into two categories, one is current asset and another one is non-current asset. Typically,…show more content…
This disaster effect the business including Bangkok Bank, because a lot of people lost their property so they cannot make any business with bank. This tragedy was happened in end of the year 2004, so at year 2005 the economic being affected by this tragedy. So, it also can be the reason why the total asset of Bangkok Bank decrease in year 2005. Another element that I choose for the Bangkok Bank analysis is net income. What I got from bank scope is at year 2006, there are decrease in net income from 20.367 billion baht at year 2005 to 17.975 billion baht at year 2006. This is because during August 2006 there are monsoon floods. Typically monsoon floods are normal disaster that happened in Thailand, but at year 2006 exceptional flood was happened. From what I read, refer to The Nation, a Bangkok newspaper, this disaster had impacted more than three million people and killed 104 people from late August through October 21. Besides this disaster factor that maybe give influence decrease in net income there other factor which is where during 2006 the Thai military have launched a coup against the prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. This happened because of Mr. Thaksin's government had divided the country and corruption was rampant said coup leaders. This was political issues that give effect in Bangkok Bank because unstable political in one country can harm all business…show more content…
Bangkok Bank is one of strong bank at Thailand, I said so because the total equity was increase year by year this means Bangkok Bank keep received investment from the shareholders and also create equity by retaining profit from their operations. As we know the total money received from investor plus a bank accumulated earnings represent the total equity. When people outside invest at Bangkok bank it show that people outside believe on the stability of Bangkok Bank. I said so because, when outsider people wants to invest in one company he/she will look generally at the annual report to get information regarding that company. So, Bangkok Bank can be said as strong company because their equity keep increase year by

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