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Future Transport (A case study) Prateek Pandey, IIIT Hyderabad November 15 Abstract ‘We need to recapture the foresight and political courage of our 19th century forebears if we are to establish a modern transport and energy infrastructure in Britain for this century and beyond.’ - Norman Foster When we compare the electronic wizardry found in our homes and the most advanced car built today, the thing we observe is that even the most advanced cars built today stuck in the stone age. According to Colonial Williamsburg, the advancement in cars includes Wi-Fi, and iTunes in comparision to recent technologies like radio, CD players and small navigation screen. Now a days companies are telling us what the car of 2020 be like: autonomous or electric. These are the…show more content…
Hyperloop Exciting innovation in transportation at a blazing fast speed of 800mph that can transport you from LA to San Francisco in 30 mins. On paper hyperloop looks both cheaper and quieter and obv much faster than maglev train. Maglev trains As the name suggests, it uses magnetic force to lift train. Cherry to this may be that these are already in operation in Shanghai and Japan. China is second in manufacturing these trains. These train are so fast and at the same time reduceing air pollution and various accidents. Only issue in this is the cost of manufacturing. Autonomus Vehicles Everyone knows about Google driverless. They have already built one but it is causing major road accidents. After all machine is machine. I remember one movie of my childhood “Robot” starring Rajnikant and Aishwarya Rai. In this movie it shown that even machine can be dangerous and very harmful One of episode regarding future transportation I remember in Discovery Channel but I am not able to find link so here is other video link.

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