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1-Explain the different types of feeders and the differences between each. When classifying vertebrate living beings, we can follow different criteria that give rise to multiple classifications. For example, they can be classified according to the type of feeding that they carry out, according to their form of reproduction, the terrestrial surface where they carry out their lives. At this point, we will classify the animals according to the feeding they carry out. This classification divides vertebrates into herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, insectivores and piscivores animals. - Herbivores: Are animals that feed mainly on plants. However, as many people think that these also feed on animal proteins and other compounds that provide the…show more content…
Carnivores can be either predators or scavengers depending on the way in which they get their prey. Carnivores animals occupy a generally advanced position within the trophic or food chain. Leaving aside the animal world, it should be mentioned that there are other organisms that eat mainly meat, as is the case of carnivores plants that eat insects. -Omnivores: Omnivores animals are all those that eat both meat and products of completely vegetable origin. They are living beings very well adapted because they are considered opportunistic eaters, who ingest everything they find around them. That allows them to live in almost any part of the world where the climatic conditions are favorable. They are not conditioned by eating a specific type of food, so their survival is much easier in most cases. The pig is a clear example of an omnivore animal, as well as the human beings themselves. Among the birds include pets such as crows. Many fishes are also omnivores. It is true that there are carnivores animals that sometimes ingest plant materials and herbivores animals that sometimes eat some meat. However, omnivores differ from them because their bodies have not adapted to eat a particular type of food. That is, their organisms tolerate all

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