The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis Essay

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“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman” was written in 1892, this story is often connected to a feminist story. Given that, others view the story as an embellished horrific and catastrophic Syfy. Whereas others outlook on the narrative is of an imprisoned woman in a male-dominated society. Upon analyzing the story’s point of view, setting, tone, and symbols readers will notice how in fact, a feminist theme advances through the development of the story. The Yellow Wallpaper exemplifies numerous feelings and circumstances for the protagonist. Among theses feelings the sense of incarceration, forbidden creativity, and amusement that becomes an obsession. First person narrative is used to express Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s point of…show more content…
The narrator refers to her bed as the “great immovable bed” because it is nailed to the floor. Illustrating her marriage as a repressed domestic partnership. John’s endless limitations and passive demeanor towards his life partner has strained their matrimony not allowing it to move, like the latched bed. Another key point is the yellow wallpaper itself. The author uses the wallpaper to symbolize her mental state of mind. The narrator’s insistence in trying to figure out the patterns represents her daily challenge of conforming to those gender-based roles society and her husband hold women accountable for. Correspondingly, the author chose yellow, which is often associated with cowardice, sickness, and caution, but most importantly yellow is known to be a gender-neutral color. Which subliminally screams equality. In summary, after finalizing the analysis through carefully inspecting the story’s point of view, setting, tone, and symbols, it is one hundred percent certain that the “Yellow Wallpaper” possesses an underlying feminist theme. The trapped woman in the wallpaper was a mirroring, reflection of herself all along. She is trapped in a society and marriage with no equality. The author Charlotte Perkin Gilman’s intention of writing this short story was to expose life for many women and although she is not direct in saying so, she leaves ample hints of submission and dominance for the reader to

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