Sex Trafficking In Daulatdia

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On 10 December 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Specifically, Article 4: “No one should be held in slavery or servitude, slavery in all of its forms should be eliminated.” Fast forward to the 21th Centaury and human slavery is still rampant in our society. ( Daulatdia is a brothel village in Bangladesh and it is one of the largest brothels in the world, home to almost 2000 sex workers who service thousands of men daily. Besides prevalent prostitution, gambling and drugs are acceptable in Daulatdia. Every day, 1,600 are trafficked, enslaved and abandoned women and girls sell themselves for as little as £2 (SGD$3.40)…show more content…
Most commonly in Daulatdia, sex trafficking occurs by debt bondage. Children are either forcefully abducted, lured by boyfriends or sold by stepmothers to Daulatdia. Upon arrival at Daulatdia, the abductor/broker, known as Dalas, would sell the children at a cost of £450 (SGD$765) to the pimps, known as Madams. The pimps will then inform the victims that they had been sold, and now they be in debt to the exploiter. Therefore, they would have to repay through the service of sexual services. This is known as debt bondage. Occasionally, the service duration is undefined thereby trapping the victims in perpetual…show more content…
The working hours of the victims are not scheduled and it is estimated that young sex workers serve up to 10 to 15 customers each day. ( The victims, under the custody of the Madams, are forced fed cow steroids to make the girls look plumper and more developed therefore, appearing “healthier”. Incidentally, Local doctors commented that the cow steroids, also known as Oradexon or Ventolin, is highly addictive and the drugs can cause damages to kidney and bones, and in extreme cases death. Victims are also exposed to sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, gonorrhea and syphilis, which when left untreated can be fatal. Unwanted pregnancy is a result of unprotected sex. Most victims die because of forced abortion or because of unsanitary childbirth. In addition, victims are often exposed to violence such as physical, sexual, verbal and psychological abuse. Victims are physically abused when they try to escape or unwilling to perform a sex act. Because of the brutal regime that the victim is put through, most victims are unable to escape on their own. Even after death victims do not find peace, as it is taboo for women in prostitution to be buried in consecrated

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