Short Story: The River Jordan

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“You must choose your own side, find your road through the valley of darkness that will lead you to the river Jordan” “We don’t have a river Jordan, here, Grandfather,” He started to drift off a bit as he remembered his river Jordan. Everyone has a river Jordan. He remembered how he was abused by his old master. He worked in a cotton field every day. They even made children work in the field. They held their blistered hands out to him. All he could do was was dip them in water. His hands had calloused years ago. The children would look at the scar on his cheek and he would tell them stories about Africa when he got his mark. He was scared at first, but his mother comforted him and told him not to be afraid. His brother got the same scar. They…show more content…
They called him Grandfather because they felt connected to him in some way even though they probably weren’t related. Grandfather never wanted them to hurt. Whenever they were hurt he would rock them back and forth and sing to them. He got beaten by the masters for not doing things quickly enough. He didn’t know they were thinking of selling him. He would have liked to get away from his masters, but it was his responsibility to take care of the children. Grandfather loved them and wanted to watch them grow…show more content…
He was dropped on a carriage and sent to New York. Once there, he was given more to eat, but also more to do. He was made to sleep on the floor of the kitchen and fed scraps of what the new masters ate. They would beat him and make him get water for months. He was always beaten for stupid reasons; he thought as they made up a new one that he didn’t understand. He wondered if they would ever stop. If they would get tired of it. He was done at the waterpump and he decided to sit for a second, his old back aching and dripping with sweat. He wondered what would make the masters not want to beat him. He had no ideas. He stopped one day and noticed that he only told positive stories to the children back on the farm.They knew about hardship and loss most of their parents died from insert common illness of the time. But they didn’t know how to handle the pain. He thought about how uneventful the stories were. If they were going to hear stories, he should have told it all. The good parts and the bad. Not leave out the parts that are sad.They would learn his stories. He would’ve told them all about his scar and how it was a sign of his strength when they took him from

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