Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Machine

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time. Downtime means service is not available and it is transparent to the users. Total migration time is when the migration is started to when the source virtual machine is discarded. The tradeoffs between the requirements of total migration time and downtime turn out to be easy by dividing memory placement into following phases: Push phase: In this phase, the VM keeps on running while required phases are placed to the destination through the network. To maintain consistency, the changed pages during migration must be sent again. Stop and Copy phase: In this stop and copy phase the source virtual machine is stopped and pages are transferred from source to destination and the new virtual machine is started. The time gap between halting the virtual machine on source host and initiating the VM is called downtime on the destination host Downtime depends upon the memory size and applications executing on the virtual machines. Pull phase: In this phase, the new virtual machine is created and if required page is not present, then the page fault occurs and pulled the page from source. Suspending the virtual machine at source does the virtual machine migration. When the virtual machine is suspended at the source, required state of CPU .The…show more content…
Although PSO is intelligence based, fast speed, no overlapping, simple, faster convergence, highly optimized but its disadvantage is that it suffers from the particle optimism problem, which results into less exact at the regulation of its direction and speed. Another, it cannot work in non-coordinating system [25]. Therefore further need to optimize PSO and its results can be more optimized by using different techniques and theories like we have taken cross pollination. Cross pollination is applied in many biological processes such as plants, flowers etc. Cross pollination technique we applied for the migration of the virtual machines by taking an epitome of cross pollination in
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