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Task 1a In the preparation material there are great examples of how people socialize both online and offline. One example which I can associate myself with is gaming! Gaming is a very unique way to connect one server with another, or more accurately, the society. The gaming world is huge, and has had a colossal increase in the past years. The gaming world helps me meet new people, as a result I end up making new friends, similarly like it says in the text "Ready Player One" it takes you to another dimension. This is a very different way of connecting than in the real world, while you may not make friends you will at least have fun, unlike the real world. Another example which I can relate myself to is going out for a dinner or lunch. What better…show more content…
When you are connecting with people you need to express yourself, since our brain is dependent on a person's lip movement and body language. If it easier to express offline, it means that understanding a person is much easier as well. We do sometimes see on the news that a celebrity tweeted something bad or strange, then usually the celebrity has to come in the spotlight and explain the tweet. That is why this a huge advantage with offline socializing and connecting, because this way you gain more understanding with a person, which can help you in the long run. The online world has given us many things, while it has taken away some. Sometimes we are so busy in our online connections, that we forget the people who are actually around us. The internet is a huge waste of time; we need to look more up from our screens as Gary Turk has said, there are so many things to see, to notice or to love. I am not telling you to boycott social media, but to create a balance between online connections and offline connections. The reason being so we don't get addicted to this machine, essentially wasting our lives, instead we should enjoy what mother nature has to

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