Summary Of Laura Estrada's 'A Failed Journey'

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before a mirror and chant “I am a bad boy” like a mantra to fix an idea in his head and set a psychological or personal perception of himself. The book is also similar to Laura Estrada’s “A Failed Journey” where the child retaliates by causing mischief and also finding some excitement in successfully doing so. Little Dave was once excited to be taken outdoors to the shopping center and caused a little mischief knowing that his mother could not act out in public. Little Dave also dwells on a memory of the good days when his mother was doting and loving and compares it to how she had become a ruthless alcoholic mother, which is similar to Iman Mersal’s “Things Elude Me” where Mersal dwells on a memory of her old home and compares to what has…show more content…
Unlike any of the rest, this book is in the point of view of one person who relies solely on his own recollection of the events that had taken effect a long time ago in his life and also incorporates a lot of emotion. This book is didactic in a way where it brings awareness to addiction, child abuse, and reinforces the importance of outside interference as well as taking prompt action where necessary. The literary works that were covered in the syllabus during this semester were complex but easy to digest once deciphered, however this book is easy to read and understand but hard to swallow. A Child Called “It” takes the literature course to a new turn. It is educational and helpful because it shows a different path that literature can take place where it challenges the readers to think outside of their comfort zone. Literature does not always have to be pretty, poetic, or romantic. It can also cover dark topics and events that help bring insight and information to the uninformed and misinformed. Additionally, it brings awareness to addiction, domestic abuse, and child abuse. It also gives the readers a very raw input of what it is like to experience such tragedy, how it begins, and why it is important to speak up and take action. This is

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