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Chapters 1 & 2 “There my mind goes again” (9). At this point in the story the narrator’s mind keeps resulting to the worst case scenario. She saw some bites on her arm and was convinced that her whole apartment was infested with bed bugs despite the exterminator telling her she did not have any. When the doctor did not know where her illness began the narrator’s mind wandered to someone sneezed on her or food that she ate. I believe the reason her mind is wandering so much is the fact that doctors don’t know what is going on with her. As a reader we know that she will have problems with her brain and this passage serves as foreshadowing for events to come. (115) Chapters 3 4 & 5 “My shyness struck Stephen as strange; I was never one to keep my opinions to myself”(21). This event seems to be important because it highlights the fact Stephen notices somethings wrong with her but doesn't dig deeply into the situation. This also goes for all of the narrator's friends. They all think something is going on with her but never take real action to help her. This eventually leads to her slowly breaking down and embarrassing herself at work. I believe that if her friends would have listened and helped her she would of been one step a…show more content…
He ask a few simple questions like how much do you drink? She trust him and answers honestly saying maybe 1 or 2 a night. Later on when the new doctor calls all the sudden he says she drinks 3 to 4 a night. The significance of this quote shows how right Dr.Bailey wants to be and how much he cant get past the fact that the diagnosis he gives the narrator wasn't at all whats she was going through. She's been contained for a while now and haven't had alcohol. Wouldn't that give a hint that what he's telling other professionals these accusations to make him look better when really he just doesn't seem as into the process as everyone

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