Advantages And Disadvantages Of At-Will Employment

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Employment at will refers to a type of employment where the employee can quit at any time, for any reason, and the employer can stop the employee at any time and for any reason. Contract of employment is whereby there exists an agreement between the employee and the employer drawing out terms and conditions of the employment (In Budhwar, 2016). Employer merits of the at-will employment Many employers would wish to terminate the working relationship without reason or cause. The employers do not have to offer a reason for the ending of the working relationship because it makes it possible for them to avoid employee lawsuits and also they easily get rid of difficult employees. Employer demerits of the at-will employment Since there is no contract…show more content…
Also, employment contracts are important in fostering the relationship between the employer and the employee. Employer disadvantages of the contract employment The employment agreement allows for a high level of specificity concerning employment details. For instance, the employer has details concerning pay so the employee cannot claim more than the stated amount (Sinas, 2010). The government needs to put laws that are concerned about discrimination either out or in of workplace in the private businesses. The government ought to prohibit discrimination in recruiting, job evaluations, promotions, hiring, training, and compensation and disciplinary actions. The government guarantees the collective bargaining since this is a process of negotiation between employees and employers that is usually aimed at agreements to regulate working terms and conditions. The agreements that are eventually reached normally concerns wage scales, working hours, training, overtime, and health and safety among others. The sovereignty of the unions ought to be reduced since many may view this as an infringement on governmental power and the sovereignty of the nation itself (Sinas,…show more content…
The employer ought to ensure that the lowest paid employee falls within the minimum wage rate, this will make the employee be in a position of meeting his her basic needs (Sinas, 2010). Safe working conditions ought to be provided so that the health and safety of the employee can be guaranteed. Employees should be guaranteed against discrimination, discrimination can be based on race, and color among other factors. An employer can fire an employee at will at any time for no reason, without prior notice. Many employees get surprised on learning that they were on an employment contract known as an at-will employee. The employer does not have to have a good cause or reason to terminate the employment. However, if there is a well-written contract that specifies terms and conditions of working then it can be used as a legal document to sue the employer if he fires an employee without any cause (In Budhwar, 2016). If an employee is working under the latter conditions, then the employer must have a clear cause or reason without relieving an employee his

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