Essay On Smoking In The Philippines

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Health is one of the top concerns of the people globally as each of one values health and well-being. However, people do not usually pay attention to those details, which may eventually draw up into some damages up to a certain extent of costing their lives in the future. Oftentimes, it is when they are facing potential loss of productivity then come to realize the health is unquestionably important. Health care is undoubtedly costly especially when the mode of payment on purchased services are through out-of-pocket expenses. Globally, two out of three deaths are now attributable to NCDs annually, with almost 80 percent of these deaths occurring in low and middle income countries and around 30 percent in people younger than 60 years old. Overall, age-specific death rates from NCDs are nearly two times higher in low and middle-income countries than in high-income countries (Beaglehole et al, 2011). Certain scientist and medical authorities have claimed for many years that the use of tobacco contributes to cancer development in susceptible people. Just enough evidence has been presented to justify the possibility of such a presumption (Parmele, 1946).…show more content…
Tobacco use is now a global health epidemic, which is also the world’s largest cause of preventable death. A figure of over seven (7) million deaths caused by tobacco use are recorded every year, World Health Organization (WHO) predicted by the year 2030, the number will continuous grow up to eight (8) million if there is no efficient and systematic surveillance form the part of governments. The country need to take a proactive approach in addressing health issues; with the current rise of lifestyle diseases, now is the time for us to shift the focus from treatment of illnesses to prevention of diseases (Reyes,

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