Video Case: Business Censorship

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Activity #5 Video Case 1. Who should consider business ownership? Why? I think everyone should to be honest. I think like the lady in the film said if you are going to work it is better to work for yourself. I think owning your own business is a good idea. 2. If you already are or you eventually choose to be self-employed, what would you most hope to gain from it? I am self-employed and I have gained more freedom in my work choices. I still have to work every day and have rules to follow just like everyone else. I have gained more say so in my weekly schedule than before. I have found that being self-employed to be a positive move for me. 3. Would the risk and flexibility or self-employment be worth giving up security and consistency? Yes, I think so because even at a job…show more content…
The growing fast pace of the company and the fact that you can put subway in many location other restaurants cannot. The startup rate was lower than the other places. The company helps manage you through the buying process. 5. What are the primary benefits of buying a franchise rather than starting a business completely from scratch? Biggest disadvantages? The company offers help as you go through the startup phase. Another big thing is their start up rate is much lower than other companies and the ease of access. I did not see a biggest disadvantage in the video. I thought the company seemed eager to welcome new people to their crew. 6. If you are interested in networking (whether to learn from others, connect with potential partners or future clients, or to just have others to bounce ideas off of) where might you locate networking opportunities? I would think word of mouth would be my number one response to the question. People are going to talk whether it be positive or negative and this is the best advertisement available. I think the internet would be the second way to get things

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