Urbanization: The Negative Sides Of The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution was one of the greatest changes in human history and was a transition to the new factory about 1760 to 1840. This changed the hand production tools to machines, and many new technologies and machines were developed. Moreover, the Industrial Revolution had a great impact on all the people’s life around the world, having new machines and factories makes the production of goods faster, easier, and cheaper. Behind those factories, the demand for needs increased, and this led to a big urbanization. People from countryside moved to the big cities in order to work in the factories and to get better jobs. Developing factories and sources of production created a strong commercial relationship among the countries by exchanging…show more content…
First, Alienation allows the worker to learn just one skill and does not allow them to express their ability. According to Karl Marx which Bancroft reported “Being alienated from the objects of his labor and from the process of production, man is also alienated from himself he cannot fully develop the many sides of his personality” (Bancroft). This means that working at one place for long time makes the workers depend on it, and it doesn’t allow them to involve their abilities. Furthermore, if the factories that they worked in are closed, they would not get another job because they did not have other skills they can work with. Another side of alienation according to Karl Marx, working in a factory makes everyone equal in skills. He said that human can be distinctive by their abilities and capacities. If they work as the owner of factory needs, there would be no difference between each other, and they couldn’t express their abilities. In addition, by alienation the workers will isolate from others because they will work at one place for long time with the same co-workers, and this made the workers less

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