Persuasive Speech On Marriage

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Its really amazing how 'we' ladies fear the possibility of remaining unmarried for a long time stretching into our late twenties and thirties. I have seen countless number of spinsters visit many prayer houses to seek spiritual guide and advice just to be a Mrs and while so many will quickly come out to say they are unperturbed while deep inside of them they hope that they just find the “right man” fast enough and start raising a family before reaching their menopause age. Watching your friends marry and start raising her kids can cause anxiety at times in an unmarried woman....Yes, that's the truth. You feel as though you are wasting your time and running out of patience. We need to understand life isn't a competition as no one was born exactly…show more content…
Can you marry a man with a wide age gap? To most of us, this is one of the most dangerous mistakes many of us make. For crying out loud, except a lady just wants to play around, you need a mature man.I can't advise a teenage girl to be dating a fellow teenager or a lady in her early twenties to be dating a guy of just a year or two older than her because when she eventually becomes ripe for marriage, in most cases this guy is still jumping around and fulfilling his sexual fantasies.Yes, I agree...age is nothing but a number but in most cases(80 percent) of ladies who date or court guys with wide age gaps like 6 years or more tend to end up as a wife to the guy while most ladies who at their young ages started an affair with guys of close age proximity are usually left heart broken latter in life because most guys in the 20s are probably still playing around and not even psychologically ready for marital union. So when i hear a 23 year old lady telling a guy in his 30s that he is too old for her i just laugh at her level of ignorance. If you are a teenager reading this or a lady in your early twenties, I sincerely advice you should date or court guys with wide age gap to avoid had i known.YES!!! I WON'T FORGET TO TELL

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