Delhi Public School Case Study

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STUCTURE OF DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL - Kavinesh RM "The DPS Society is a non-profit, non-proprietary, private, educational organization. This Global Network of over 200 English medium, co-educational, secular schools provides education from Pre-Nursery/Nursery to Class XII. The DPS Family – with its transcontinental identity, is not merely a list of institutions, persons or facts; it is a network of values, systems and relationships" Introduction To build this paper, author have worked with the sites and students of Delhi Public School to express the clear frame of the structure of this school as it is the base of this article. India has the biggest educational system in the world which approximately operates 740,000 Schools. The rates of Literacy have been raised from last decades, around 65% in 2001. There are big differences in quality of education in India, as…show more content…
You're exposed to a lot of things, both positive and negative at a young age. It can be quite overwhelming especially to people who haven't been in the community from the beginning. But if you attend the school with the right mindset, there's a lot it has to offer. " The school's policy of admitting 500 odd students in grade 11 is quite messed up. For those of us who had been in the school from 6th to 10th, our batch in 11th suddenly was full of new faces and somewhat lost it's personal feeling. But many of my peers (both existing ones and new ones) inspired me to do better in academics and also in extra-curricular activities" - said by a student of DPS. And come on, it's high school! You're going to see all the elements that characterize students of that age: rowdy kids, cliques, short skirts etc. In these large urban agglomerations, you will have every kind of person, this one is an advantage of having great exposure.

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