Technology In The Civil War Essay

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Many developments in technology, munitions, and science took place during the American Civil War. Despite the horrors of war and the tragic events that scarred veterans and civilians alike, human advancement continued and even thrived. Although one might initially consider war harmful to development, the Civil War in particular proved to be a catalyst for countless advances in technology, munitions, and science. During the Civil War, our technological capabilities leaped forward. It is common knowledge that war is fought with the most advanced technology available. Prior to the Civil War, the technology that existed was extremely primitive. The Civil War’s extensive use of technology led to it being referred to as the first modern war. Common items that we see as a part of everyday life were first used in the Civil War. For example, soldiers made use of cameras in the Civil War. Cameras were a relatively new development, but they aided journalists in recording the actual events of the war. Prior to the invention of cameras, scenes had to be recorded by artists. This could lead to inaccuracies…show more content…
The army may not have carried out research, but the potential to make profit in selling to the army was a principal motivator for many people. For example, Richard J. Gatling attempted to sell his gun to the army throughout the war. The army did not end up purchasing it until 1866, but a general privately purchased some of them for his own troops. The aforementioned tin cans were developed by Gail Borden. He sold the military canned foods that included coffee, milk, and meat biscuits. Other developers followed his example and sold multiple foods to the military in cans. The military did not develop the technology of canned foods, but they were able to adapt and utilize this technology, as well as other products of technological innovation, which helped the Union to win the

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