Advantage And Disadvantage Of Concrete

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Concrete is Accessible, versatile, economical efficient and durable between building material what caused to be the most used material. concrete high density cuses large space demand and a high cost in structures such as high-rise or long-span buildings it’s often limitation of concrete. Instead, lightweight concrete is an option that could perfectly solve this disadvantage. Benefit of constructing lightweight structures in earthquake zone, save cost and space in building is result in decreased density with lightweight concrete. The first historical reports on the use of lightweight aggregates concrete returns to ancient Rome when volcanic materials (pumice) were used as lightweight aggregates. Because of its many benefits such as low density , fire resistance , sound and thermal insulation lightweight concrete has been…show more content…
Because of these main advantages, SCC is expected to gradually replace conventional concrete ccurrently used. A mutated type of self-compacting concrete is self-compacting lightweight aggregate concrete (SCLC). SCLC combines the desirable properties of self-compacting concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete, a lightweight Concrete with the flow ability and homogeneity like self-compacting concrete. Both SCLC and SCC have a similar test for the evaluation of flow ability . Leaca’s aggregates cause decrease compressive strength and Increase water absorption. SCC rheology can be more convenient if the fine part of the scc is designed

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