Advantages Of Self-Healing Concrete

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We can prepare self-healing bacterial concrete in two ways:- 1. By direct application 2. By encapsulation in light weight concrete By direct application Bacterial spores and calcium lactate are added directly while making and mixing of concrete in direct application method. when cracks are formed in concrete bacterial spores get broke and hence, bacteria comes in active stage from dormancy stage and feed on calcium lactate and produced limestone which fills the crack . By encapsulation in light weight concrete In encapsulation method, concrete are made by adding bacteria and calcium lactate inside the treated clay pellets. For the making of concrete we added about 6% of clay pellets in it. When the formation of cracks take place then clay pellets got broke and bacteria come in active stage from these pellets and feeds on calcium lactate and produced limestone which heals(fill) the cracks.…show more content…
The cost of incorporation of bacteria in concrete is very less and incorporation of bacteria is also very easy when aggregate is immobilised in porous light weight aggregate before its addition to concrete mixture. 2. It increases the life of structure then we expected by healing the cracks in initial stage itself at the time of their formation. 3. It reduces the life risk of humans in dangerous areas because, we can use self-healing concrete in those places where maintenance of structure is found to be dangerous for life. 4. Cost of maintenance and repairing of our structure can be reduced by using self-healing concrete. 5. It also reduces the tendency of corrosion in reinforcement occurs due to oxygen because, in self-healing process bacteria feeds on oxygen. 6. Self-healing bacterial concrete also improves the compressive strength of concrete. 7. Self-healing bacterial concrete does not have any bad effect on environment i.e. it is pollution free and natural. 8. Self-healing bacterial concrete does not affects the aesthetics appearance of

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