College Tuition Problem

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The concern of ascending college tuition costs is a major issue. Being a student, it is very difficult to deal with attending school, but constantly worrying about tuition costs. The circumstance is, this is a significant problem we face today, and each year schools are raising their tuition costs for students. It’s no surprise why so many students do not or even cannot afford school, particularly students with lower income and their parents not being able to support because of economy. As the tuition rises students tend to take out loans and others drop out. In the article The College Dropout Boom, Leonhardt talks about the rising college dropout rate, especially in lower income students, and the education hole this is convey about. The article…show more content…
You well probably do service industry jobs, working at say McDonald’s making minimum wage, whereas making high wages. We also see how the financial backgrounds can have an effect on which colleges people attend. In other words, the main problem is the economic because poor students can’t afford the tuitions; therefore they don’t receive a good education as they should. When it comes to public and private colleges, the question is tuition cost and why college education is both private and public. To understand why there is public and private colleges, one has to acknowledge that public universities are funded for the most part through state taxes. While Private schools, rely on tuition, endowments and contributions. We have both private and public colleges, because it’s important to find a college that will be an outstanding partner and so that you can have a successful outcome. Some student may be trivial to one another. Some may prefer the small class sizes of private colleges, while other students may desire a large public school. Neither college is…show more content…
Many Americans fear getting injured or sick, simply because they can’t afford basic health care or health insurance. Those who don’t take care of their illness in a timely manner delay going to the hospital due to the fear of medical bills, but that only leads to higher health care costs for all of us. There are many uninsured people who have said that they a hard time paying their bills, which puts everything in prosperity that many uninsured people don't inquire about care they need until the last minute. While, others go through tremendous measures to receive health insurance and health care. That load of uninsured people falls on the insured people, the government, the doctors and the hospitals .The author of sick out of luck, interviewed individuals who basically stated that working and taking jobs in today’s society isn’t a stable way of having health insurance. When they are laid off from work or change jobs they lose their health insurance. Many Americans don’t have access to medical care, many individuals are turned away from insurance companies because of medical condition they had before or illness. The big question is why are millions of Americans not receiving medical care? Over millions of people are lacking in medical care, because Health care system has high cost of insurance, people lacking forms of healthcare insurance, high cost of medical services. With the rising of health care cost,

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