Acts Of Kindness

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For the health project, “Random Acts of Kindness,” each student was expected to perform a minimum of four random acts of kindness. The first act I performed was on Monday. This day there was no school, and my mother and I were out grocery shopping when I saw an elderly lady who seemed to be having difficulty unloading her groceries onto the conveyor belt. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to do a small, yet thoughtful thing for someone. So with this thought in mind I helped the lady unload her groceries onto the conveyor belt and helped her load it back into her car afterwards. She thanked me with a smile, and headed on her way. I was glad I was able to perform this act as I truly believe that American teens today do not respect elders…show more content…
It is easy for one to get so wound up in their own problems and tasks to forget to help others. This project has helped me to realize just how much humans do this. It’s selfish and unfortunate, yet it is true. Though I do not believe one person can set the world in the right direction with kind acts. I think it can have a domino affect. You performing a kind act to one person can influence that person to perform a kind act for someone else and so on. Kind acts spreads the contagious feelings of joy and generosity. And though one may not change the whole world, they will change someone’s world forever. If every person completed a kind act everyday it could potentially change society forever. As we are all making an effort to be selfless instead of selfish. I do believe I will continue to perform random acts of kindness even after this project ends. There is a certain indescribable level of joy and fulfillment you feel when you help those who are in need of helping. It makes you feel like a better person and allows you to truly observe life to its fullest. I would like to continue to perform the acts as well as start to volunteer more. To conclude, the most important life lesson is to give to others without expecting anything in return. And one of the ways to give is to kindness. I truly do believe that, in this world of chaos, if we all come together with the common plan to perform acts of kindness, we can make this Earth a more peaceful and bearable place to
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