A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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All around the world acts of kindness are being spread all around. However, many people fail to give others kindness; they don’t realize they can make a difference while giving kindness. The power of kindness can go a very long way. In “ A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings,” Gabriel Marquez uses the power of kindness to show the effects kindness has on people. Kindness can be as simple as wishing a good morning. A simple “ have a nice day,” can make someone’s day start off well. It can probably have made someone’s day go from bad to good. Kindness is the equality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. ( What Is Kindness? 1) Kindness is having a warm and gentle heart. Kindness gives good results never bad. When people give their kindness to others it can show that they have respect for them. Kindness is doing good things for other people without expecting something back in return. Often it means putting people’s needs and feelings before your own. Many people fail to realize how important it is to be kind to others, Being kind isn’t very hard to do. Sometimes being kind doesn’t even take a minute away from someone’s day. Being kind to someone doesn’t only…show more content…
In the story there is a family a mom, a dad, and a son. The husband is named Pelayo and the wife is Elsenda. Their child is very ill, and they don’t know the reason why. A few days has passed on with rain constantly coming down. The rain caused water to run into their home leaving crabs inside with a horrid stench, They assumed that is what caused their son to become so ill.(A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, 1) One day something very strange landed on the family’s front patio. Like any other person would act the mother was screaming in shock. She came to find an old man with very enormous wings. The man looked very old and poor; he looked very

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