Destiny In On The Rainy River 'By Tim O' Brien

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Kindness in a person’s life plays a key role in shaping their destiny. It deals with helping someone in need without the expectation of something in return. Thus a simple act of kindness does not only leave a meaningful impact on individual’s perspective about society but also make them aware of their true identity. When individuals are faced by social dilemmas in their life, they are unable shape their destiny and start to question their own identity. However, when they come across other individuals through whom they learn their true identity and become aware of the kindness and innocence that thrives within them, which eventually allows them to see through all the negativity that clouds them and shape their destiny. This concept can be seen story written by Tim O’Brien called “On the Rainy River” where the protagonist Tim O’Brien himself struggles to make decision whether to take part in war by going against his moral principles or flee away from by living a life of a coward. Tim O’Brien was always against the Vietnam War. He saw the war as it would perish the innocence and kindness within him and he would be same Tim who cared about education. Humanity will leave him like a soul leaving the body behind making him a live the life a…show more content…
As Elroy and Tim approaches the boarder, he decides not to flee rather to go back to his home and take part in part. This decision may reflect that guilt has overcome his moral principles, but in reality he has found truth about his identity. Even though going to war may haunt him, he will know that still that innocence and kindness still flows in his veins and will flow forever. He is still the Tim O’brien who cherishes education over war. After war he wrote many novels based on his life and for those he received honours as well. His destiny was being shaped from a soldier to a novelist. He found his true identity. He is able to pass through poison of clouds of life and make his own

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