Analysis Of A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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“ Love and kindness are never wasted. they always make a difference They bless the one who receives them , and they bless you the giver” -Barbara de Angelis (Ross 1) This quote clearly states how we should never get tired of being kind, because some people really need it. In “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” Gabriel Garcia Marquez emphasizes the importance of being kind and the effects that it has on situations. Everybody likes people who are kind, kindness is very powerful, it reflects your personality. It describes you as a person “ Treat others the way you want to be treated.”. Society believes that nobody likes to be mistreated. Many people think you need to be rich in order to be kind, and that is a false statement. There is a story…show more content…
Perhaps he could have told them whether or not he was an angel. But, since they decided to treat him bad, they did not know the truth. Everybody deserves to be treated at least for once. Once kindness is already given then you can decide whether to be kind or not. On the other hand, some people treat everybody badly, and don't deserve anybody to be kind to them. For example Karina is an excellent student, but Mrs. Hernandez does not treat her as she is supposed to. Karina is very respectful with her teacher, even if she knows Mrs. Hernandez does not like her, but is it almost impossible for her. Its not hard to be kind; its easy and simple. “Kindness is a good habit that has a lasting effect that supports and reinforces the quest for the good life. “ (Mourdoukoutas 1) Kindness many times can bring magic in your life. “Kindness is not just about being helpful and understanding towards others. It is about softening the hard shell of our external world so that spirit can flow through easier. “ (Ross 3) Maybe we need to make people comfortable around. Make people feel like if they are family; however it won't be so easy to do that, but it is possible. There has been relationships where there is no kindness and respect in them, and families who never show their love to one another. That is pretty sad, and kindness is not hard to do or act. Make somebody's life easier and be kind to them, inspire other, share and give without scarcity or problems, respect everyone not only your elders. Everyday try and remind yourself to be kind to someone that needs

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