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Getting to know someone’s heart and why they care about other? why is it a hard thing to know ? I can say Diane is a very reliable person. Diane is reliable because she is very dependable, every time I have a situation and I do not know who to turn to Diane will always set aside what she is doing to assist me or talk to me whenever I need her. Diane Is always supportive financially, I had a situation to where I was not working and I needed some help with something financially and she asked me how much and was able to give it to me the same day. I owe her still but she ignored that she said pay her back when I can because she understands my situation. The reason it's important to me that Diane is reliable is because sometimes it’s very hard to find someone that will take the time out to assist you physically or financially. you never really know whom is…show more content…
I talked to Diane daily about my feelings and she was very involved with the conversation even when it was repetitive. that was a touchy situation because me and my mother was very close I never would have thought I would lose my mother soon, It was a very bad year. it's important to me that Diane is compassionate is because I felt like I did not have anyone to turn to.I had lost my grandmother three years prior to my mother and I was never was really close to my aunt Diane. It’s very important to me that Diane is compassionate because it will always show that she will always care about me no matter the circumstances. diane has always made sure a person felt special, Diane never made a person feel sad inside, every time you talk to Diane you have gained a good listener. Diane has taken time out of the day to discuss what's very important to me no one understood what I was going through but diane, she also has lost her grandmother and mother years apart and she still hurt inside from that. I felt like my mother's death was my fault because I could not help her, but my aunt put

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