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Meanwhile, the Theory of Experiential Learning Cycle by David Kolb (Kolb, 1984) is also relevant to this study. Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) defines learning as “the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience”. Knowledge results from the combination of grasping and transforming experience. According to him the Experiential Learning Theory model portrays two dialectically related modes of grasping experience; Concrete Experience and Abstract Conceptualization, and two dialectically related modes of transforming experience; Reflective Observation and Active Experimentation. Experiential learning is a process of constructing knowledge that involves a creative tension among the four learning modes that is responsive to contextual demands. This process is portrayed as an idealized learning cycle or spiral where the learner…show more content…
These modes are only responsive to certain contexts. Thus, the learning process is portrayed as a learning cycle where the learner assumes each of the four domains; experiencing, reflecting, thinking, and acting (Kolb & Kolb, 2005). The recursive process is responsive to each other; the learner, learning experience, and on the content learned. Immediate or concrete experiences are the impetus for observations and reflections. Without these learning would be impossible even at the very beginning. Later on, reflections then can be assimilated in the old experience and deduced it into abstract concepts from which new implications for action are drawn. These new implications are then used for active experimentation, which leads to new concrete experiences (Kolb & Kolb, 2005). With the production of new concrete experiences it already leads us into a complete cycle of learning under David Kolb's Experiential Learning

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