Achilles And Aeneid

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Homer and Virgil, have both showed in their epic poems different signs of a mother and son relationship. In the epic poem of Iliad, it shows the relationship of Achilles and Thetis. In the epic poem of Virgil, Aeneid, it also shows the mother and son relationship with Aeneas with Venus. Throughout both epic poems, a mother and son relationship is being played out; there is some scene where both “heroes” talk to their mother for help throughout their journey or their time in the war. Each one of these heroes is in a hard point in life, where their density takes them and leads them to their destination. Achilles has a destiny is to live a short but heroic life, while Aeneas destiny to reach the land of Italy. These heroic heroes have their mother…show more content…
Having a mother who is a goddess is a big role in the epic poems. In the epic poem of the Iliad, shows the relations of a mother and son in the first few books (chapters) of the poem. Achilles has his moments of being happy and sad throughout the epic poem. In the first book, Achilles becomes mad because Agamemnon takes his war prize, Briseis. Since Agamemnon dishonor Achilles he prays to his mother, Thetis the goddess of the Sea, for help form the other gods. Achilles ask Thetis, if she can ask the gods to let the Trojans to win a couple of the battles and have the Achaians pin back against the ships and the water, so that king Agamemnon can recognized that he needs Achilles back in the war to win the battle (Il. 1. 400 –…show more content…
Hector comes along and kills Patroclus, which makes Achilles to return into the war to redeem the death of his best friend. Before he leaves he tells his mother not to hold him back from the fight, even though she loves him and not to persuade him from going back into the war. In return Thetis reply’s by saying that he is true and that this is not a cowardly action to beat aside sudden death from your afflicted companions (Il. 18. 125 – 129). At this point of the epic poem, both Achilles and Thetis have accepted the density that Achilles will live. He will live a short life but will be remember as a

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