Beowulf's Heroic Qualities

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Epic heroes have the qualities that ordinary mortals lack. These qualities are bravery, intelligence, strength and a powerful desire to find victory. One example of an epic hero is, Beowulf. There are quite a few heroic characteristics, all of which Beowulf possesses. His heroic qualities are his bravery, loyalty, honor, confidence and physical strength. For starters, honor is showing a sense of integrity in one’s actions. When Beowulf went to the land of the Danes to kill Grendel, he did it not because he wanted money, but because he wanted to help out the Geats. Beowulf felt as if it was the right thing to do since he had been successful in his past deeds. Another example, of an epic hero is Hector. The first characteristic that Hector possess is bravery.…show more content…
Aeneas is another example of an epic hero. Aeneas is the main character, of the Aeneid. Aeneas of Virgil’s Aeneid is a very interesting character. Commonly considered to be a hero, Aeneas, however, does not have all the traits of the hero, as we would understand from the common definition of this word. Unlike most heroes, Aeneas must constantly be reminded of what his fated task is. However, because of how obedient Aeneas is to the Gods it helps him overcome a lot of the obstacles he is faced with. His obedience can be considered as a heroic trait. All heroes are different, but what makes them epic? Many would answer that question by saying because they are in an epic poem or story. This may be part of it but it takes much more to be an epic hero than just this alone. An epic hero, of course is in an epic narrative, but it is more what they accomplish in the story. Anyone can be a hero, but it takes much more to be considered an epic

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