Achilles Vs Aeneid Research Paper

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Achilles and Aeneas are both known legends in their own right. Though on opposing sides of the Trojan War, they were both vital to their respective armies. Exceptional due to their divine births, they both stood ahead of their peers. Despite this they were still very different from each other. In the book The Iliad written by Homer and The Aeneid written by Virgil we see a few of these similarities and differences between the two as each author breaks down the life of both characters. In order to separate them by their differences, it is best to first identify their similarities. They both have divine mothers; Achilles' mother was the sea goddess Thetis, and Aeneas’ mother was the goddess Venus. While the two both had mothers who were very involved in their lives, they both looked over them in different ways. Thetis was more hands on and direct with her approach when helping Achilles. As we see after Achilles felt dishonored by Agamemnon and sort the help of his mother. She not only appeared to Achilles because he needed comfort but took it a step further and went to Zeus who she convinced to bring honor to Achilles and death to many Achaian ships (Iliad, p15-17). This shows one of the ways that Achilles’ mother directly mediated for him to the Gods and tried to…show more content…
First of which was Achilles being very instrumental in the destruction of the city of Troy, whereas Aeneas was responsible for the relocation and restoration of Troy. Due to much of Achilles heroics and his slaughter of Hector, which managed to turn the tide of the war, the Greeks managed to prevail and destroy the city of Troy among with most of the Trojans. Aeneas was one of the few Trojans that were not killed in the war due to his piety and the fact that Poseidon saved him (Iliad, p330). It was by his journeys throughout the Mediterranean to find his remaining Trojans a home that he became a

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