Achilles Vs Aeneid

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The Aeneid and the Iliad are both marvelous works consisting of powerful meanings and themes. Virgil and Homer are both acclaimed writers, even though it is debated if Homer ever even existed. Overall, both works have serious tones, but differences are seen mainly with the characters. In the Iliad, Helen is treated as an object while in the Aeneid, Helen has more character, and is sought after to be killed. Also, the Aeneid has a more biased point of view then the Iliad. Furthermore, the Iliad’s hero, Achilles, is directed by emotions. While in the Aeneid, Aeneas is battling to fulfill his destiny. Helen has been portrayed as the ideal women in many works, but in the Iliad she was seen as an object. At one point, Priam had Helen come to him…show more content…
These characters are Aeneas and Achilles respectively. In the Aeneid, Aeneas is determined to fight in the war and fulfill his destiny. Aeneas “[snuffed] out a monstrous life” (Virgil 373) which led to him saying that his “heart will teem with joy (Virgil 373).” This proves his dedication to the Trojan War and vanquishing the enemy. After Aeneas overcomes other obstacles in the Trojan War, such as meeting Helen, he “face[s] toward the mountain range” (Virgil 379) and continues on his adventure. This shows his dedication to the war, and how he is not willing to back down. In the Iliad, Achilles has a more characterized personality through the work. Instead of actively participating in the battles, he will not fight until Patroclus is avenged. Debating over their war prizes, Achilles was caught “trying to cheat” (Homer 81) with Agamemnon, while he mocked him by saying “godlike Achilles (Homer 81).” In spite of this, Achilles dramatizes the aftermath and overreacts. Before battling the river, Achilles meets with many enemy troops, and at one particular soldier; he “[tears] his gear off” (Homer 526) and he begins to yell at soldiers and intimidates the rest of the troops. Based on these observations, it is apparent that Achilles was emotionally well-developed while Aeneas was much more serious about the war

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