Pros And Reforms Of HSMC

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HSMC is as a high educational college and provides university education in progress. It now considers the four major reforms of the academic system. I think the most appropriate reform is Liberal Art College model and the least appropriate reform is Residential College System. For the reform of the Liberal Art College model, the cancellation of the program major can provide the students freedom to study broadly in diverse subjects they adore in the bachelor more freely, not just mainly focus on their major. The mission of HSMC is to give an all rounded and international learning platform to students (reference 1). This reform can totally be sufficient the diverse interests of students who consider the above special role of HSMC. As a university…show more content…
Sun Kwok, the dean of science at the University of Hong Kong, mentioned that a good university education is to broaden students’ mind and horizons (reference 4). Students who go to work in the future are not focusing on one major or one category. They are required to know more than they experienced or out of their comfort zone. For example, BJC students should know the latest news about Hong Kong, mainland China and the globe. However, science, Spanish, or even western history are also essential to them. If we only focus on our bachelor, the vision of us will be a little bit too narrow. Or else, we are not well equipped to work in the society. However, some potential difficulties of the reform may exist. For example, more professors and tutors should be hired to afford the increase of the general education courses. The financial pressure may be higher in HSMC. Also, the workload of the professors will increase and get more pressure from it. The solution and precaution made by the College may enhance the tuition fee or ask the government to borrow…show more content…
Moreover, some students may not afford the heavy hall fee because of the economic status. Financial problems might be carried out. Take University of Stanford as an example. It forces the freshmen to move in the campus (reference 6). The campus area is 8180 contiguous acres. However, HSMC area is only 40300 square meters (reference 8). It shows that it requires to huge area to provide enough accommodations to all students. Therefore, HSMC does not have enough places to build such lots of dormitories and colleges provided to students to live. In the reality condition, it is not quite possible for this

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