Aboriginal People In The 1960's

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Aboriginal Peoples in the North West of Australia from the 1800’s through to the 1960’s, were held in slavery or ‘a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune’ and slave-like conditions which are, according to the Australian Crimes Legislation Amendment Act of 2013, ‘acts of servitude where the victim provides labour as a result of coercion, threat or deceptions; forced marriage, aggravated assault or is under the age of 18’. There are clear overlaps in the distinction between slavery and slave-like as both definitions can be combined in regard to many of the conditions experienced by Aboriginal people in the North West of Australia. Absolute power was given to owners…show more content…
Australia’s colonisation by force meant that by 1900 settlers had taken over large areas of Aboriginal land for pastoral leases and this procured land required workers. In other parts of Australia, convict labour had been utilised however, due to the harsh and remote environment of the North West and a ruling by Britain that convicts should not work above the 26th Parallel , Aboriginal people were instead forced into becoming an essential primary source of labour. The working contribution made by enslaved Aboriginal Peoples to the financial success of the pastoral and pearling industries in the North West cannot be overstated and I believe, adds emphasis to inhumane treatment of Aboriginal People in industries where the dollar value consumed moral values of freedom, equity, liberty and justice. The significance of Aboriginal workers was largely ignored until 1928 following a review of working conditions. In his report, Bleakley, the Chief Protector of Aboriginals, stated ‘the pastoral industry in the Territories is absolutely dependent upon the blacks for the labour, domestic and field, necessary to carry on successfully and if removed, most of the holdings … would have to be…show more content…
No money was ever set aside under this clause and in 1894, Sir John Forrest had Section 70 repealed from the Constitution Act in 1905 and abolished the Aborigines Protection Board in order to avoid protection and payment and gain control over the freedom of

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