Charles Perkins Freedom Rides In The 1960's

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The 1960’s were a revolutionary time around the globe. A time of counterculture and challenged social norms. Referred to endearingly, as the ‘Swinging Sixties’ as cultural stances on sex and race progressed dramatically. On the 4th of May 1961, Protestors launched a movement in the United States, called the ‘Freedom Rides’. A succession of bus rides through the South, which aimed to challenge segregation at bus stops. A violent response met by the public triggered a media coverage helping to spread the issue to our own homes. Helping to increase awareness nationally and globally. Creating stricter enforcement in the U.S. During this time Aboriginal people were still ostracised and treated like second-class citizens by the common Australian.…show more content…
Leading the ‘Freedom Ride’ movement in Australia and turning the tide on segregation and the lack of Aboriginal representation in government. Born in 1936, Perkins spent early child hood in a police run compound in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. He suffered racial abuse when growing up; beginning to form his views on the way Australian culture belittled his ethnicity and race. Perkins reported to be of below average intelligence as a boy outlived by his great skill at soccer. His talent brought him to England as a young adult playing for prominent amateur teams. Declining an offer from Manchester United he returned to Australian in 1960. Then deciding to retire in 1965 from professional sport. Perkins went on to attend the University of Sydney and became the first Aborigine to graduate from tertiary schooling, with a Bachelor of Arts. Already starting to change preconceived ideas concerning the norm. So on the 12th of February 1965, thirty university students boarded a bus from Sydney and begun a ‘Freedom Ride” for equality in their own backyards. Perkins went on to become a national leader and a figurehead for his people. Becoming the head of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in 1984. Perkins died in

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