Every Fox An End

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Religion plays a large role in Middle Eastern societies, whether that be in Christianity, Judaism or Islam. In light of this, I expected to find many Arabic short stories relating towards religious ideals, or even short stories characterized towards war or conflict, since much of the Middle East is home to such happenings. However, I was greatly mistake and stumbled upon a short story, For Every Fox, an End, that I believe it can raise controversy within the Arab speaking world. For Every Fox, an End was written by Zakaria Tamer, a well know writer of short stories and children’s books within the Arab speaking world. The story opens with a lion being woken from his slumber, due to an owl warning him of his death. The lion then becomes anxious and solemn pondering his approaching demise, but later chases after a fox. However, the fox does not flee from the lion, because the oracle owl told the fox that his killer would die soon after. In order to prevent the prophecy from taking place, the lion guards and protects the fox from harm. However, as time passes, there is a food shortage and the lion resorts to eating the fox. The oracle then threatens the lion by…show more content…
I believe the deeper meaning of the story reflects on the fact that religious beliefs can be a mean of manipulating those around you. The lion resists striking out against the fox, because the oracle warned him not to. By showing the oracle as a false prophet, this leads to the larger cultural problem of the Middle East, which is religious differences and religious control. Many conflicts within the Middle East are either directly or indirectly related to religion in some shape or fashion. I believe Tamer wrote For Every Fox, an End in order to convey the fact that the masses are able to be swayed due to the tactic of political

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