The Pros And Cons Of Information Technology

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Information Technology or IT is the study of technology and its application as a profession the practice has been around since the first computers in 1936. The job entails subjects such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, software management and much more. Many businesses regardless of their vocation have an IT department or call upon IT professionals to assist with the automated workings of how they do business. IT professionals help fix computers with problems such as the actual hardware or the digital software running the computers programs. IT professionals also manage the internet issues such as data storage and web access. Huge server rooms must also be maintained and designed by IT professionals (Reh). Information Technology is a huge field of study many subjects under the field help with the application of other skills, for example, the study. Mathews illustrates, “IT has effectively shaped and redesigned a…show more content…
A deep knowledge of coding and software is necessary to combat effectively hackers wishing to break into the computer's defenses as Hoyle says himself, “Computers have an internal form of a lock and key” (Hoyle). The complexity of the job and necessary experience and education required to perform makes the number of professionals small compared to other fields. However, the small number of applicants and extensive requirement makes the job very lucrative for those wishing to choose that path companies such as Microsoft and Apple are most commonly thought of when people think of employers however any business in need of IT are likely to employ (

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