Carob Syrup Marketing Mix

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1. Company Description The company which is willing to enter on Indian Market is a local Cypriot Company producing Cypriot Traditional products. This company at the moment is very successful in Cyprus and in Greece. After the announcement of India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the implementation of a new policy for globalizing the Indian market, the company is willing to enter Indian Market. Company’s main Products - Olive Oil - Haloumi cheese - Trachanas Soup - Anari Cheese - Carob Syrup Products At the moment the company is working as B2C in their local shop in Cyprus and as B2B in Greece. The company have business contracts with big supermarkets in Greece where they distribute on their shops the relevant products. 2. Product Description and Characteristics For the Indian market, the company for start will proceed as B2B. This will allow the Company Brand and the products to enter the Indian market through existing and already established big supermarkets. In the future the company is wishing, if it will be allowed from the Indian consumers and Indian market, to open their own shop. As entry product, the company choose the Carob Syrup Products. The Carob syrup although that taste sweet and can be carigotired in the dessert-section is actually an extremely nutritious product (2). The syrup is made…show more content…
(1+2) Further the foreign investors were attracted in India marked due to the huge potential of the domestic market. Based on the latest statistics, consumers spending in India rise from $549 billion to $1060 billion between year 2006 and year 2011. Analysts mentioned that by 2040 nine out of ten Indians will belong to the ‘global middle class group’ with daily expenditures between $10 to $ 100 per person.

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