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There is always that one place that can be called your safe haven. A place to be alone and reflect on your life, or a place to focus on a specific task. I, myself have a safe haven where I go to relax and take my mind off of reality. The perfect place to relax in my opinion is the park right by my house – Lillian Webb Park. The park is located to the left of Downtown Norcross (see Fig. 1). It may seem to be a hidden park to a visitor in the area, but to someone who knows the in and out of this city, it is not. This park is fairly small but it is extremely stunning and clean as if no one has ever stepped foot upon it. Lillian Webb Park is a pedestrian-friendly attraction that should be visited more often because of the cleanliness and events that happens year-round. When you first visit Lillian Webb Park it may seem odd at first. There are many entrances to the park; the hidden road that leads to a parking lot, the area where Downtown Norcross is visible with the sign saying “Lillian Webb Park,” and the sidewalk where houses are being built. The sign that says “Lillian Webb Park” is the main entrance to the park, but you can enter the park from any area you…show more content…
2). I observed the children as I slowly made my way up to one side of the stairs. There is a three-level fountain that is centered on a stone plaza with a waterfall cascading through pools. I glanced down into one of the pools and noticed there were coins in there. The waterfall fountain was made to unify the park, but I suppose people throw coins in it to make a wish like a wishing well. At the very top of the stair is another fountain but by itself. There are black benches around the fountain and I sat down on one of them. The wind started blowing and I felt the mist of water blowing onto my skin. It was a nice way of cooling off, especially on a hot summer

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