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Condom Strength – Experimental Report 1. Introduction • Condoms have been used for centuries. Its dated back to prior the 19th century. Condoms have been used as a form of barrier birth control and to prevent against sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms started off as animal tissue and then progressed to rubber in the mid-19th century and then to latex. Over the past few years they have become more effective by increasing in strength, durability and comfort. Condoms weren’t at first socially accepted but in the past decade or two more of society is using them. Only recently have the female condoms been used and sold more but are still a sort of taboo in society because not a lot is known about them. Many tests and experiments have been done on the male condom and…show more content…
Lots of different factors and influence the strength of a condom such as the material it is made out of, the lubricants used on it, its shape and other attachments onto the condom such as studs. According to the male condom is 10 percent more likely to prevent pregnancy than the female. This could be dude to strength or the improper insertion of the female condom due to lake of knowledge about the female condom because of its rare use. On male condoms you can use either water based or oil based lubricants depending on the type of latex or rubber it is made out of while you can use any lubricant on female condoms and the improper use of lubricants can lead to the condom becoming weaker. To conclude there is no definable proof about what condom is stronger ,male or female, there are some advantages and disadvantages of both and it come to personal choice when deciding which one to use. 3. Apparatus • 4 Durex Extra Safe Condoms (male) – natural rubber latex. • 4 Cupid Female Condoms – natural rubber

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